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I guess there are lots of ways to achieve this. I have an application in which a video stream is shown over a custom QWidget that I have subclasses from QLabel, and painting frames using QPainter. Given that, is it possible to let the user to drag a rectangle over the image and retrieve the coordinates? The requirement is that the rectangle must be visible during the dragging.

Thanks in advance,

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How does the user select the rectangle? Is the rectangle "plain"? If so, it is totally possible – UmNyobe Feb 1 '13 at 18:10

the QGraphicsView has the void setRubberBandSelectionMode ( Qt::ItemSelectionMode mode ) but i dont know if the QLabel has some similar feature ...

maybe you have to draw your own rectangle while the user drags the rectangle and catch it on mouserelease

soo long zai

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In you widget you could track mouse pressed and released events and track where on the widget the corners of the selection rect are. For drawing the rectangle, I'd take a look at QStyle::drawFocusRect. I think the intent of that is to draw a rect you'd be able to see regardless of what's behind it.

Or perhaps try this:

QStylePainter painter(this);
QStyleOptionFocusRect option;
option.backgroundColor = palette().color(QPalette::Background);
painter.drawPrimitive(QStyle::PE_FrameFocusRect, option);
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Have a look at QRubberBand. It allows you to place such a rect on top of e.g. a QLabel. The documentation also contains an example how to move and resize the rubberband using the mouse.

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