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I'm trying to do the following in infopath: I have to choose between 2 options (with bullets), and depending on this, if we choose Option1, I need to display a text field to enter more details, but if Option2 is chosen, I don't need this additional field.

I'm not sure about how to enter a Rule to define this :-(
Anyone could help?

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In 2010, you do this with 'Rules' (changed from 2007). Open the Home tab in the ribbon, open Manage Rules from there. Then select your control, and add / edit rules in the rules pane for each control to achieve what you're trying to do.

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In InfoPath 2007, you can:

  • Right click on any control
  • Select Conditional Formatting
  • Enter a condition that maps to option 2 being chosen
  • Click "Hide this control" as the formatting to apply.

You probably want to put this and any descriptive field text inside a section; and hide / show it using the steps above.

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I found this link. I hope it helps.

I'm afraid I don't currently have InfoPath installed, so I couldn't try it in order to give better instructions.

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