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How come when I use mongoose findOne method, the object it found that is returned in the callback is a valid mongoose Model object (meaning I can call the mongoose model helper methods on it, like id for sub-documents or remove to delete it), and when I call mongoose find methode I just get back a javascript object representing the document i was looking for ?

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With find you get back an array of model Mongoose Model instances. –  JohnnyHK Feb 1 '13 at 16:29
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findOne gives you a single mongoose document whereas find gives you an array of all matching mongoose documents back, not a cursor.

YourModel.find({ something: true }, function (err, docs) {
  if (err) return handleErrorSomehow(err)
  console.log(Array.isArray(docs)) // true
  docs.forEach(function (doc) {
    console.log(typeof doc.save) // function
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+1 Thanks! You just put an and to a two-hour hunt. –  o-o Feb 13 at 23:36
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