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I am trying to access a checkbox within an iframe, using WatiN in C#.

The documentation suggests using this:

var frame = browser.Frame(frameId);

However, I have tried that format, like this:

var edUsrFrame = browser.Frame(Find.ByName ("ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_WindowManager1359542712913"));

However, I can't figure out how to access the element nested on that frame (a checkbox).

Is the issue that the iframe is using a dynamic name? I've tried directly accessing the checkbox, but again, no success.

Thank you.

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First, Is it in same domain? –  Soroush Falahati Feb 1 '13 at 17:43

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You treat a frame just like you would a "top level" browser when you want to access items inside the frame.

To click a checkbox:

var myFrame = browser.Frame(Find.bywhatever());  //Gets the frame

Or more simply:


If the frame is using a dynamic name that is changing each time the page loads, instead of finding by name, find by a regular expression, or by index, or by something that identifies that frame succinctly. Bottom line: If the name changes page load to page load, you can't use name.

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I have no success with that strategy yet. –  user1095967 Feb 8 '13 at 14:24
The index isn't suitable, and regex isn't working as I had hoped. –  user1095967 Feb 15 '13 at 16:47


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watin.org/documentation/element-class-mapping-table - suggests Find.ByName - I can't find the documentation on the available methods for a frame? –  user1095967 Feb 4 '13 at 9:48
I am using Find.ByName on my daily TC Execution .... it is working no doubt. –  user2017677 Feb 4 '13 at 9:55
Are you able to use something other than name though? Or dynamic IDs? –  user1095967 Feb 5 '13 at 15:08
Could you try to provide a little more of an explanation to your answer? –  Chief Two Pencils Mar 2 '13 at 10:37

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