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I'd like to open source some code of mine. To make it easier for contributors, I'd like to set up a checkstyle configuration to go along with it. However, my recent experience is that the Eclipse Checkstyle plugin's ability to generate formatter rules that correspond to a checkstyle.xml file leaves something to be desired; that is, I need to manually tweak the generated formatter rules quite a bit to get them to actually format a file such that it complies with the checkstyle rules.

Are there "reference" checkstyle.xml files out there somewhere that are considered semi-standard for open source projects, and which are Eclipse-friendly in the sense that that formatter rules generated from them by the Checkstyle plugin are compatible?

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I would definitely recommend Geosoft Checkstyle Configuration.
The same is available here.

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thanks, I'll check it out. –  Andy Dennie Feb 5 '13 at 13:16

The default Eclipse checkstyle rules, are the Sun standard rules, which is a minimum set of rules.
You could use these.

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