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in my griffon app, I can choose the check boxes, but my JOptionPane window shows blanks for the values when I hit submit. Any ideas as to what I may be doing wrong?

Here is my model code:


package test1
import groovy.beans.Bindable
class Test1Model {
    @Bindable String deviceType

    List deviceTypes = [
        [title: 'No Devices', selected: true, devices: []],
        [title: 'Android Tablets', selected: false,
            devices: [
                [name: 'Asus Transformer Prime #1', selected: false],
                [name: 'Asus Transformer Prime #2', selected: false],
                [name: 'Motorola Xoom #1', selected: false],
                [name: 'Motorola Xoom #2', selected: false],
                [name: 'Sony S Tablet #1', selected: false],
                [name: 'Sony S Tablet #2', selected: false]
        [title: 'Android Phones', selected: false,
            devices: [
                [name: 'Nexus 7 #1', selected: false],
                [name: 'Nexus 7 #2', selected: false],
                [name: 'HTC Droid Eris', selected: false],
                [name: 'HTC EVO 4G LTE', selected: false],
                [name: 'Samsung Galaxy Nexus #1', selected: false],
                [name: 'Samsung Galaxy Nexus #2', selected: false],
                [name: 'Droid Razr Maxx #1', selected: false],
                [name: 'Droid Razr Maxx #2', selected: false],
                [name: 'Samsung Galaxy S2', selected: false]
        [title: 'iOS Devices', selected: false,
            devices: [
                [name: 'iPad Gen1', selected: false],
                [name: 'iPad Gen2', selected: false],
                [name: 'iPad Gen3', selected: false],
                [name: 'iPod Touch', selected: false]


and here is my controller code:

package test1

import griffon.transform.Threading
import griffon.util.GriffonNameUtils as GNU

class Test1Controller {
    def model

    def clear = {
        model.griffonClass.propertyNames.each { name ->
            model[name] = ''

    def submit = {
            null, "You have selected: " + model.deviceTypes.devices.grep.{it.selected}
        println model.deviceTypes.devices.grep.{it.selected = true}




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The answer lies in the GPath expression. This one does what you need

model.deviceTypes.devices.flatten().grep{ it.selected }

or even

model.deviceTypes.devices.flatten().grep{ it.selected == true }
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