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Basically i'm using an OnClick call to remove a DIV, once i click the OnClick it calls the remove() jQuery function to delete a div,

here's my current code for the div that it removes using remove().

<div id="add">
<button type="submit" onclick="showdiv('adduser');">Add User</button>

The javascript call for "showdiv" is

function showdiv(id){
    document.getElementById(id).style.display = "inherit";

Inside the div id "adduser" i want to show another button to do an onclick to bring back div id "add", is that possible and what's the best way to do it ?

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You can use show() and hide() functions instead of removing the div permanently using remove()

function showdiv(id){
    document.getElementById(id).style.display = "inherit";
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Thanks you very much, that worked perfect ! – Curtis Crewe Feb 1 '13 at 17:04
You are welcome. – Adil Feb 1 '13 at 17:12

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