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What I want to do be able to use the name of a model as an input to a function so the objects methods can be performed against the specified model. For example:

from app.models import model1, model2

def select_all_from_model(model_name):
    all = model_name.objects.all()
    return all

all = select_all_from_model('model1')

all = model_name.objects.all() is a nonsense line. I need to have a model object, not a string name, for the objects.all() select to work. How do I load the model object based on the string value of model_name?

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You can use models.get_model() function:

>>> model_class = models.get_model('App', 'Model1')
>>> model_class.objects.all()
>>> [...]

That's if you need to use a string. But you can pass classes around in python. Here's an example:

>>> from app.models import Model1
>>> select_all_from_model(Model1)
>>> [...]
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Thanks. models.get_model solves my issues. Makes it so much easier to aggregate data spread across multiple datatables. –  Cole Feb 1 '13 at 17:28
You're welcome. Glad it helps. It also solves circular imports ;) –  santiagobasulto Feb 1 '13 at 17:50

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