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I would like to know if it's possible to develop an extension that allows to open a link with another browser : If in Chrome I click on a link that is configured in such extension, it opens FF or IE with this link.

I didn't find any extension (except extension that have a frame in a chrome tab), so does that mean that there is a technical limitation to do that ? Best regards

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I did something for FF what could be modified to do just that.

I have used the ability to execute shell commands from an extension, and configured the call to launch a 3rd party application.

Look for examples on nsIProcess

In chrome you can use the NPAPI plugins: http://code.google.com/chrome/extensions/npapi.html

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Unfortunately, I think that kms is correct in saying that you cannot execute native code in a Chrome Extension, and must therefore pair your extension with an NPAPI Plugin and have them talk to one another. It was one of the most difficult programming tasks I've ever done, although the NPAPI Plugin was made easier by basing it on FireBreath, so at least I didn't need to write very much C++.

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