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I am using GAE to host a website which needs inputs from a CSV file. After this csv file has been uploaded, I will convert it to a table. However, I met the problem about Mac and Windows compatibility issue. The CSV file generated in Mac will not be recognized, and I got the error:

new-line character seen in unquoted field - do you need to open the file in universal-newline mode?

Here is my Python CODE

def loop_html(thefile):
    reader = csv.reader(thefile.file)   
    header = reader.next()
    for row in reader:
        iter_html = iter_html +html_table(row,i)  #generate inputs table

def html_table(row_inp,iter):

    Input_header="""<table border="1">
                        <tr><H3>Batch Calculation of Iteration %s</H3></tr><br>
                            <td><b>Input Name</b></td>
                            <td><b>Input value</b></td>
                    <td>Mass of Applied Ingredient Applied to Paddy</td>
                </tr>""" %(mai_temp) 
    Inout_table = Input_header+Input_mai
    return Inout_table  

Later I changed the code 'reader = csv.reader(thefile.file) ' to 'reader = csv.reader(open(thefile.file,'U')) ' which gave me different types of error:

TypeError: coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, cStringIO.StringO found

Can anyone take a look at my code and give me some suggestions? Thanks!

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I just found a solution. 'splitlines()' will handle the new line issue. Here is the source.

reader = csv.reader(thefile.file.read().splitlines())
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