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except for:

widget.setVideoKeywords(keyword1, keyword2, ..., keywordn);

is there also a possibility to set Category and Tags along the vid upload???


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from the widget I think not, only the properties that you mentioned and in onApiReady:


This event fires when the internal command API, which enables you to set metadata for a newly uploaded video, is ready. The event handler for this event can call the following functions to set metadata for an uploaded video:

widget.setVideoTitle(title) – The title parameter is a string that specifies the video title.

widget.setVideoDescription(description); – The description parameter is a string that specifies the video description.

widget.setVideoKeywords(keyword1, keyword2, ..., keywordn); – The function takes a list of string parameters, each of which specifies a keyword for the video.

widget.setVideoPrivacy(privacy) – The privacy parameter is a string that specifies the initial privacy setting for the newly uploaded video. Valid values are public, unlisted, and private. The default setting is public.

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