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I wish to return a single ScPollOption item using a Stored Procedure via the code below:

public ScPollOption FetchPollOptionByID(int optionID)
        StoredProcedure sp = SPs.ScPollOptionGetOptionByID(optionID);
        return sp;

When working with a query I would use:


but SubSonic only allows for sp.ExecuteTypedList<> and sp.ExecuteScalar<>.

How can I return a single ScPollOption item?



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I know it's not terribly attractive, but this would work if you're able to use the LINQ extensions:


You could also execute an IDataReader and inflate the ScPollOption object manually:

ScPollOption item;

using (IDataReader reader = sp.ExecuteReader())
    if (reader.Read())
        item = new ScPollOption();
        item.SomeProperty = reader.GetValue(0);
        // Set additional properties

return item;
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Many thanks Marve this worked great! – McDotNet Oct 6 '09 at 12:09

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