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Everything works fine (action get called, ui render correctly, etc...). Except I keep getting NullPointerException when I'm trying to get the selected object (even if I set it with the setPropertyActionListener)... How can I actually get the row I click on orderList. I've done a converter, but stil bring me no where.

<p:orderList value="#{userProfileModel.personnalTaskMacroList}" 
    var="personnalTaskMacro" iconOnly="true" effect="clip"
    itemValue="#{personnalTaskMacro}" converter="personnalTaskMacroConverterId" 
    controlsLocation="right" id="personnalTaskMacroList">

  <p:column style="width:50%;">

  <p:column style="width:30%;">

  <p:column style="width:20%;">
    <p:commandButton id="addTaskMacroToFavoriteCommandButton" 
        onerror="jQuery.unblockUI();" icon="ui-icon-search">
          value="#{personnalTaskMacro}" />       

I use webflow to handle action (xml).

 <transition on="userProfile.addTaskMacroToFavorite">
 <evaluate      expression="extUserProfileController.addTaskMacroToFavorite(userProfileModel)"/>
            <render fragments="userProfilePersonnalMacrosFragment" />
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In commandButton you have action="userProfile.addTaskMacroToFavorite". Didn't you want to call some backing bean method, something like action="#{userProfile.addTaskMacroToFavorite}"? Can you show us relevant methods from backing bean? – partlov Feb 1 '13 at 19:26
I'm using spring-webflow to handle transition. So, the actual action is linked to the xml. – fneron Feb 1 '13 at 19:36
What is scope of your backing bean? – partlov Feb 1 '13 at 20:40

This is a known issue and basically, It's not a data component, you can't use f:setPropertyActionListener. :/

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