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I have been reading through other forums on this site and other sites for a while for help with VBA, but I cannot find a thread with answers to this problem. I am trying to write a macro in Excel 2010 to help speed up my data processing, which can become really repetitive. Here is what I am trying to do in my blank excel workbook:

-Start the macro in for example "original.xlsm"

-Ask the user to open any 3 files (for example "data1.xls", "data2.xls", "data3.xls"). These excel workbooks contain data in columns A and B

-Copy the data that is in each file in the range B6:B121 and paste the values to a new sheet (for example named "import") in "original.xlsm" into separate columns, so the data from "data1.xls" will be pasted in column A, "data2.xls" in column B and "data3.xls" in column C

-Close the 3 data files after copying without saving

-Now in the "original.xlsm" file in the "import" sheet, calculate the average of the 3 cells in each row into column D, and calculate the standard deviation of the 3 cells in each row into column E ("D1" =AVERAGE("A1:C1")) for all rows in the columns

-Copy only the average column and the standard deviation column from the "import" sheet and paste it into another sheet "sheet1" in the selected cell ("B4")

-If necessary, delete the "import" sheet so that the macro can be run again

-I will be doing this multiple times for multiple data sets, so the macro should either end there and I can run it again and paste the data into another selected cell, starting with "D4", then the next set would start in "F4", or another possibility would be to paste the first average and columns starting in "B4" then loop the macro and offset 2 columns so the next data can be pasted in "D4" and so on until I click to stop the macro

Also, if there is any other way that this can be done, perhaps without copying the data to a new sheet that would be fine too. I figured that just copying to, and then deleting, a blank sheet would be the easiest way.

The concept is fairly simple but I do not have the experience in VBA to write the code to open the 3 files and copy the data to a new sheet in another workbook. I know how to do the average and part, but any help on the opening the files and copying the range to separate columns would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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