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So I have two branches, b1 and b2. I have a working copy of b1 checked out at a certain revision, r1000, and I've merged in some changes from r1001 of b2.

I've manually edited a file foo, in my working copy, such that it's now identical to the r1000 revision of b1. However, when I do an svn diff, the output is a diff against the b2, r1001 revision, not the (empty) diff against b1, r1000 that I would expect.

Is there a generic way to get svn diff to say "this is what's going to change in the repository if you check this in", or do I have to specify branches and revision numbers on the command line to get what I want?

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svn help diff, read this!

When you use svn diff <FILENAME> for modified file in Working Copy, it diffs (without additional options) against "pristine copy" of file, in your case it must be b1/foo@1000, not b2@1001 (BTW - when you merge, you merge branches, not single revision: from svn help merge, 1-st form "The optional '@REV' specifies both the peg revision of the URL and the latest revision that will be considered for merging")

If you want and have clearly identify diff sources, you must to write it in command and use 3-rd form of diff


where one of URL is file in WC, another URL - URL of file in repo (with PEG-revision, if needed)

this is what's going to change in the repository if you check this in

"...if you commit" we say in SVN-world, and this is diff against BASE-revision always, svn diff FILE (this diff contain both - merge- and manual - changes, if they exist /and such mix is bad practice and anti-pattern/)

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