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When I first started my current project. I went our SVN Repository. I created a new branch off the trunk. Then I copied an existing branch, a previous version of my current project to the new branch. Then I imported the project in to Eclipse.

Now that my current project is close to being complete. I have quite a few class files not being used in the new project. But the files are still part of the Repository.

What I am trying to figure out, is how can I remove the files from my project. So that the latest version of my project, does not show them any longer. I don't want to delete the files from the Repository, just from the latest revision.


Project - Revision 1

Class A Class B Class C Class O - Old Class U - Old

Want to delete files and commit

Project - Revision 2

Class A Class B Class C

But if something horrible happened and I needed the files back, I would like to be able to do a revert to revision 1

Class A Class B Class C Class O - Old Class U - Old

Commit to Revision 3

It was suggested to me to -> right click the file -> team -> delete I do not see the delete option in the team menu.

Can I just, right click the file -> delete -> team -> commit -> make sure to check them in the list

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Assuming that you have correctly set up Eclipse with a Subversion client plug-in like Subclipse, and it recognizes that your project exists within a working copy, it will handle the svn rm task for you automatically when you delete the file from the project tree view.

If you really want to be sure, drop to a command line and run svn rm <file>.

I would recommend removing all .class files (and any other built artifacts) from your repository, and setting up svn:ignore rules to prevent them from being added in the future. It's not necessary to version these, since you are already versioning everything needed to rebuild them.

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