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I have an exception from Rhino Mocks 3.6.0 and 3.6.1 when mocking the following interface:

public interface ic
    IComponentConfig<TImpl> Bob<TSvc, TImpl>()
        where TImpl : TSvc;

I can confirm that when removing the Generic "where" association, it will correctly mock.

The Stack trace points firmly at Castle Dynamic Proxy:

System.BadImageFormatException was unhandled by user code HResult=-2147024885 Message=An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007000B) Source=mscorlib StackTrace: at System.Reflection.Emit.TypeBuilder.TermCreateClass(RuntimeModule module, Int32 tk, ObjectHandleOnStack type) at System.Reflection.Emit.TypeBuilder.CreateTypeNoLock() at System.Reflection.Emit.TypeBuilder.CreateType() at Castle.DynamicProxy.Generators.Emitters.AbstractTypeEmitter.BuildType() at Castle.DynamicProxy.Generators.Emitters.AbstractTypeEmitter.BuildType() at Castle.DynamicProxy.Generators.InterfaceProxyWithTargetGenerator.GenerateCode(Type proxyTargetType, Type[] interfaces, ProxyGenerationOptions options) at Castle.DynamicProxy.DefaultProxyBuilder.CreateInterfaceProxyTypeWithoutTarget(Type interfaceToProxy, Type[] additionalInterfacesToProxy, ProxyGenerationOptions options) at Castle.DynamicProxy.ProxyGenerator.CreateInterfaceProxyTypeWithoutTarget(Type interfaceToProxy, Type[] additionalInterfacesToProxy, ProxyGenerationOptions options) at Castle.DynamicProxy.ProxyGenerator.CreateInterfaceProxyWithoutTarget(Type interfaceToProxy, Type[] additionalInterfacesToProxy, ProxyGenerationOptions options, IInterceptor[] interceptors) at Rhino.Mocks.MockRepository.MockInterface(CreateMockState mockStateFactory, Type type, Type[] extras) at Rhino.Mocks.MockRepository.CreateMockObject(Type type, CreateMockState factory, Type[] extras, Object[] argumentsForConstructor) at Rhino.Mocks.MockRepository.DynamicMock[T](Object[] argumentsForConstructor) at Rhino.Mocks.MockRepository.<>c__DisplayClass71.<GenerateMock>b__6(MockRepository r) at Rhino.Mocks.MockRepository.CreateMockInReplay[T](Func2 createMock) at Rhino.Mocks.MockRepository.GenerateMock[T](Object[] argumentsForConstructor) at XXXXX.ConfigTestBase.SetUp() in c:\git\MyFork\Workspace\Db.Montage.Common.Tests\Config\ConfigTestBase.cs:line 27 InnerException:

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This is an old bug in old version of DynamicProxy that has been fixed long time ago.

Unfortunately it seems Rhino Mocks still hasn't updated it's dependency on DynamicProxy to a more recent version with this issue fixed.

I think your two options are to build a custom version od Rhino (against new DynamicProxy) or to use another mocking framework that is using more recent version of DynamicProxy (like NSubstitute, FakeItEasy or Moq)

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