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I've just started using sequelize but I'm having a small issue mapping an existing database.

By default sequelize creates two datatime columns named createdAt and updatedAt, does anyone know if its possible to rename the columns to something else. For example...

products: sequelize.define('products', {
    timestamps: false,
    product_id: {
        type: Sequelize.INTEGER, 
        primaryKey: true, 
        autoIncrement: true
    product_name: Sequelize.STRING,
    product_description: Sequelize.TEXT,
    product_created: Sequelize.DATE,
    product_updated: Sequelize.DATE

That would still automagically amend the product_created/product_updated columns on creates and updates.

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Maybe this? renameColumn(tableName, attrNameBefore, attrNameAfter) This methods allows renaming attributes. migration.renameColumn('Person', 'signature', 'sig') –  thtsigma Feb 1 '13 at 20:37

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sadly this is not yet possible. Can you please open an issue on github. I guess this is pretty easy to implement.

Thanks :)

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