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Basically, I would like to log each call for specific object, lets say I have an objectA and objectB, whenever objectA is requested I want to increase counter of objectA in database. I am thinking about overriding API which makes GET request in tastypie for this specific type of model, but I don't know which place I should change or is there any other way to do this which is more preferred

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Probably the best place to put it is the obj_get resource method that is called to retrieve an object. Inside you should check if the object was retrieved by the original method and do the incrementation. from tastypie.exceptions import NotFound

def obj_get(self, bundle, **kwargs):
        obj = super(self, ResourceClass).obj_get(bundle, **kwargs)
        obj.counter_field += 1
        return obj
    except NotFound:

The above code wasn't tested (please update it with a working example after checking) but it shows what has to be done.

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