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I am trying the following code:

ExceptionNotifier::Notifier.exception_notification(env, exception).deliver

But this message keep on appearing:

A sender (Return-Path, Sender or From) required to send a message

Any idea why this is happening and how I can get around it?

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You likely have not configured the gem in an initializer. In my controller action for notifying me of an exception I have the following


I have the following in config/initializers/exception_notifier.rb

if Rails.env.production?
  MyApp::Application.config.middleware.use ExceptionNotifier,
    email_prefix:         "[#{App.domain.pretty}] ",
    sender_address:       App.email.noreply,
    exception_recipients: App.email.exceptions,
    ignore_exceptions:    ExceptionNotifier.default_ignore_exceptions,
    normalize_subject:    true

MyApp, and App.____ should all be replaced by your own values.

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