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I have this code:

    function discuss(thema){
     $('#prep').val(thema + '<div>answer button</div>');


<div id="quatschen"> 
<div id="prep"> </div>

it is not setting the value of prep, nothing happens if i click discuss() function.

discuss is called here:

<input type="text" name="thema" id="thema" />
<a href="javascript:discuss($('#thema').val())"> discuss me </a>

if I change val() to append(), it is working. why is val not working here?

Thanks for help

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Read the docs! val sets the value property of an element; it doesn't change the contents of a div. – Mathletics Feb 1 '13 at 20:42
why downvote? is it too dumb? – doniyor Feb 1 '13 at 20:42
Read the documentation. That will explain what val does (and why it "doesn't work" here): "The .val() method is primarily used to get the values of form elements such as input, select and textarea." -1 because this was the first google hit for jquery api val. – user166390 Feb 1 '13 at 20:42
The .val() method is shorthand for accessing the value property of <input>, <select>, and <textarea> fields. (I guess probably <option> too though I don't think I've ever tried that.) – Pointy Feb 1 '13 at 20:42
@doniyor "Why is val not working here?" is trivially answered by the documentation. There is nothing to discuss here. – user166390 Feb 1 '13 at 20:45
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Use .html().. .val is only for input fields.

$('#prep').html(thema + '<div>answer button</div>');
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