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>adb --help


-s <specific device>  - directs command to the device or emulator with the given
                        serial number or qualifier. Overrides ANDROID_SERIAL
                        environment variable.

>adb devices
List of devices attached 
emulator-5554   device
7f1c864e        device


>adb shell -s 7f1c864e
error: more than one device and emulator


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Found answer here. Enter:

adb -s 7f1c864e shell

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+1 Unbelievable! It's because of this other adb devices [-l] command! Apparently UX is required for CLI as well... –  yair Dec 8 '13 at 0:31

adb -d shell

This above command will help you in most of the cases, if you are lazy to type the full ID of the USB devices

From http://developer.android.com/tools/help/adb.html#commandsummary you will see,

Target Device
-d Direct an adb command to the only attached USB device.
-e Direct an adb command to the only running emulator instance.

Both will returns an error if more than one instance of each type is running.

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Another alternative would be to set environment variable ANDROID_SERIAL to the relevant serial, here assuming you are using Windows:

set ANDROID_SERIAL="7f1c864e"

Then you can use adb.exe shell without any issues.

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An interesting alternative, although, I doubt I would want to change an env variable every time I switched devices. –  Jackie Oct 8 at 15:53

go to task manager- Resource Monitor- in overview tab click Description to see all BlueStack in the sort- kill tree all of them.- OR ANY OTHER EMULATOR LIKE BLUESTACK.

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Not helpful. Especially if that emulator is the device you want to connect to via adb. –  BrainSlugs83 Mar 11 at 1:18

Just disable debugging mode on another phone.

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