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I'm using python-xmpp to connect to gtalk. I'm receiving the responses and I can send and receive a message to a specific user/email. I am looking for a way to iterate over the IQ items so that I can get the jid and name attribute for each item. The IQ stanza is of the form:

<iq to="example@gmail.com/test" id="3" type="result">
<query xmlns="jabber:iq:roster">
<item jid="test2@example.com" subscription="both" name="ABCD"/>
<item jid="test2@example.com" subscription="both" name="EFGH"/>

I'd also like to update the user on receiving <presence> stanza. I'm guessing I should use a callback, like I am doing now to handle receiving of messages.

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I realized that the node can be parsed as any xml. This is what solved my problem:

for node in query_node:
    print node.getAttr("name")

iq_node is the xmpp.protocol.Iq object and every node is a xmpp.simplexml.Node object

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