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What is the best way to filter a ZendService\Amazon\ResultSet?

I use the Amazon API (and Zend Framework 2.0.7) to gather books. Some of them neither have an ISBN nor an EAN and I would like to filter them off the ResultSet. I could just filter them in a foreach ($results as $result) { if (...) { ... } } but I would like to retain a valid ResultSet after that filtering process. As a result, I would like to get a ResultSet without all items that neither have an ISBN nor an EAN.

I tried creating a DomDocument and just adding items that are valid, but then the ResultSet-header is missing. Unfortunately, there is no asXml() method defined on a ResultSet object so that is no way, either.

Any help?

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As there were no answers and I had to solve the problem, I used an SplQueue instead. Not ideal, but it works.

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