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I'm trying to add an hour to the current time but am getting an error.

My code snippet is

use DateTime;
my $now=DateTime->now(
     time_zone=> 'America/Los_Angeles');
$now->add( hour=>1 );

The error I get is:

The following parameter was passed in the call to DateTime::Duration::new but was not listed in the validation options: day at c:\strawberry....
DateTime::Duration::new(undef, 'day', 1) called at c:\strawberry.... 
DateTime::add('DateTime=HASH(0x2e49ae0)', 'day', 1) called at tester.pl line 6

How do I get this to work?

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By changing your call to

$now->add( hours => 1 );
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so obvious in retrospect. Stupid humans (or at least English speakers) why would you have a different word when quantity!=1? –  Dean MacGregor Feb 1 '13 at 21:38
@Dean: It's a long standing, multi-language tradition to have different forms of the same word. See French, Spanish, Russian (oh man, Russian...) –  Robert P Feb 1 '13 at 21:40
@RobertP: yeah, I think Asian languages don't do plural forms, or at least not Vietnamese and Japanese. –  Dean MacGregor Feb 1 '13 at 21:59

Looking at the DateTime add method documentation:

$dt->add( DateTime::Duration->new parameters )

This method is syntactic sugar around the add_duration() method. It simply creates a new DateTime::Duration object using the parameters given, and then calls the add_duration() method.

Oh, so it just is like calling add_duration. What does the DateTime->add_duration method say?

$dt->add_duration( $duration_object )

This method adds a DateTime::Duration to the current datetime. See the DateTime::Duration docs for more details.

Ah, we need parameters for a DateTime::Duration. What are those?


use DateTime::Duration;

$dur = DateTime::Duration->new(
   years       => 3,
   months      => 5,
   weeks       => 1,
   days        => 1,
   hours       => 6,
   minutes     => 15,
   seconds     => 45,
   nanoseconds => 12000

Oh, hour ne hours. Use

$now->add( hours => 1 );


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