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First time questioning here:

I have a need to map a network drive in windows. The location is an internal sharepoint document library.

In the cmd window:

net use g: http://na.com/DMP/DMP/programming/

is successfull --> the command completed succeffuly

os.system('"net use k: http://na.com/DMP/DMP/programming/"')

is also successful.

However i would like to use subprocess.call in the event that the drive is already mapped - i would like to try another drive

call(["net", "use", ":q", '"http://na.com/DMP/DMP/programming/"'])

This fails with "System error 67 has occured. The network name cannot be found" I have tried many options for the last list item with no luck.

Any idea what I can stuff in there to have this complete successfully or a different method to map drives.

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Is :q a typo? –  bernie Feb 1 '13 at 21:52
Also, why are you putting " around the URL in the subprocess call, when you didn't do so in the system call (and cmd command line)? You're asking it to open the URL "http://na.com/DMP/DMP/programming/" instead of the URL http://na.com/DMP/DMP/programming/. I have no idea what this will do, but it's not hard to imagine it will treat it as, say, a relative path starting with "http:, or as a URL with protocol "http. –  abarnert Feb 1 '13 at 22:03
The OP has quoted the os.system call twice as well @abarnert; it's obviously not an identical situation, so the effect may be different, but it's equally confusing. –  Ben Feb 1 '13 at 22:04
@Ben: You're right! Obviously the effect is different, considering that one worked and the other didn't, but yeah, they're both confusing, and I'd hate to have to actually figure out (based on the arcane and half-documented quoting rules in various bits of Windows) why one worked and not the other… –  abarnert Feb 1 '13 at 22:08
One more thing: As the docs say, "On Windows, an args sequence is converted to a string that can be parsed using the following rules". On Unix, you pretty much always want a sequence instead of a string—but on Windows, if you have already have a command line that works as a string, just use it as a string. –  abarnert Feb 1 '13 at 22:08

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There are at least two problems in your code:

call(["net", "use", ":q", '"http://na.com/DMP/DMP/programming/"'])

First, you've got ":q" where you meant "q:". This might cause the net command to interpret :q as your network location instead of your target drive, which could cause an error 67.

Second, you've got an extra set of quotes around the URL: '"http://na.com/DMP/DMP/programming/"' where you should be using 'http://na.com/DMP/DMP/programming/'. When subprocess builds the string to pass to CreateProcess, it already quotes each of your parameters. So, if you quote them yourself, you end up double-quoting the parameters. There are some cases where this is actually not possible in Windows, so you end up with garbage, but I don't think that's the case here. You will successfully get this quoted string to net, telling it that you want to open either a relative path starting with "http: or a URL with protocol "http, or something like that. Whatever it is, it's not a usable network location, which most likely will cause an error 67.

As Ben pointed out, your system call has a similar problem—you put an extra pair of quotes around the entire string. If you really wanted to figure it out, there probably is some reason that this worked… but I don't think you want to figure it out. Just take it as "I did the wrong thing, but I got lucky", and don't do it that way in the future.

Finally, as the documentation says:

On Windows, an args sequence is converted to a string that can be parsed

This means that, if you already have a working command line for Windows, you're better off just using it as a string, than trying to break it down into a sequence for subprocess to reassemble.

(Keep in mind that this is only true for Windows! On other platforms, instead of building a command line string to pass to a function in the CreateProcess family, subprocess builds an array of strings to pass to a function in the exec family.)

So, just do this:

call("net use g: http://na.com/DMP/DMP/programming/")
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the correction to g: yielded success - i learned alot and am now using call("net use g: na.com/DMP/DMP/programming/") –  user2034000 Feb 1 '13 at 22:52

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