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I have canvas control I'm using for a graph and need to be able to dynamically add a variable amount of data points to it. Maybe I'm not aware of a good control to do this type of thing with but I was trying to do it with a GridView as such:

<Canvas x:Name="GraphPointsAndLines" Canvas.ZIndex="2">
        <GridView x:Name="gvDataPoints">
                    <Button IsEnabled="False" Canvas.Left="{Binding PointXValue}" Canvas.Top="{Binding PointYValue}" Content="{Binding Value}" Style="{StaticResource ButtonGraphPoint}" />

But due to the nature of the gridview it's not recognizing that the child button elements are a part of any such canvas and just ends up stacking them on top of one another. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

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Any chance you could supply a quick rough picture of what you're after to help visualize the requirement? –  Chris W. Feb 1 '13 at 22:04

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This could be interesting: simple technique for databinding to position.

Basically, have an items control with an items source and apply the data template, set its items panel and apply the items container style.

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