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In Ruby, how can I copy a variable such that changes to the copy don't affect the original?

For example:

phrase1 = "Hello Jim"
phrase2 = phrase1
p phrase2 #outputs "Hi Jim" - I want it to remain "Hello Jim"

In this example, the two variables point to the same object; I want to create a new object for the second variable but have it contain the same information initially.

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As for copying you can do:

phrase2 = phrase1.dup


# Clone: copies singleton methods as well
phrase2 = phrase1.clone

You can do this as well to avoid copying at all:

phrase2 = phrase1.gsub("Hello","Hi")
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Using your example, instead of:

phrase2 = phrase1


phrase2 = phrase1.dup
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Your answer works for the question I asked, which was pretty general. It doesn't seem to work for the problem I'm really trying to solve, though, which is here: stackoverflow.com/questions/1465696/…. Any ideas? –  Nathan Long Sep 23 '09 at 12:33
Thanks for your help, by the way. :) –  Nathan Long Sep 23 '09 at 12:34

phrase1 = "Hello Jim" # => "Hello Jim"

phrase2 = Marshal.load(Marshal.dump(phrase1)) # => "Hello Jim"

phrase1.gsub!("Hello","Hi") # => "Hi Jim"

puts phrase2 # "Hello Jim"

puts phrase1 # "Hi Jim"

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