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I want to setup different application.conf files per environment (test, staging, prod, etc.).

The documentation here indicates it can be done by passing a parameter -Dconfig.resource= such as:

play -Dconfig.resource=application.test.conf run

However, this does not seem to work for me - no matter what value I input, I still get my default configuration (application.conf). What am I doing wrong?

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See also my answer at for arguably cleaner alternative. – coffeesnake Apr 23 '13 at 20:33

Two potential workarounds to the issue encountered with config.resource:
1) One can override a specific property using the -D command-line option, such as this:

play -Ddb.default.url="mysql://myuser:mypassword@localhost/dev" run

2) Overriding the configuration file works if you use the config.file property:

play -Dconfig.file=/conf/application.test.conf run

This requires entering the full path to the config file, but at least it works.

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and according to you can, in your new configuration file, include the application.conf in the project : include "application.conf" – mba Mar 13 '13 at 18:58

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