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I know that isn't save to directly compare two double values after some calculations are involved. But can I compare safely for equality a value initialized from a literal with the same literal used for initialization?

For example:

Double[] dValues = [...];
double minValue = Double.MAX_VALUE;
for(Double d:dValues) {
    minValue = Math.min(d,minValue)

//Is that safe?
boolean someValueFound = minValue!=Double.MAX_VALUE
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Note that there is also a preexisting min method for collections. –  David Z Feb 1 '13 at 22:21

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Yes, in this case it will be safe.

It will be always safe as long as you will be not performing any computations/casting/etc. on the affected value - which would might cause some roundings.

This is also safe, because the comparison happens on native/simple types, the outcome would be different if you would use Double instead of double.

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Its save. the only problem with Float and Double is the rounding while computing operations.

If you ever want to compare such computated values allow a little delta difference.

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