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In the Mongoid model below, how do I alias the belongs_to relationship field?

class Contact
  field :nm, :as => :name, :type => String # field aliasing
  embeds_one :address, :store_as => :ad  # embedded document aliasing
  belongs_to :account # referenced relation doesn't support store_as

I want to store the account id in a field called ac instead of account_id.

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You can use :foreign_key to specify the mongodb field name.

belongs_to :account, foreign_key: :ac

However, if you want to use account_id, you need to declare its alias:

alias :account_id :ac

or defining account_id before belongs_to:

field :account_id, as: :ac
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The foreign_key needs to be set on both sides of the relation. – user1032752 2 days ago

Mongoid allows to use arbitrary name for a relationship by using of 'inverse_of'

If an inverse is not required, like a belongs_to or has_and_belongs_to_many, ensure that :inverse_of => nil is set on the relation. If the inverse is needed, most likely the inverse cannot be figured out from the names of the relations and you will need to explicitly tell Mongoid on the relation what the inverse is.

So, for use 'ac' as an alias it's necessary to add inverse_of:

class Contact
  field :nm, :as => :name, :type => String # field aliasing
  embeds_one :address, :store_as => :ad  # embedded document aliasing
  belongs_to :ac, class_name: 'Account', inverse_of: :contact

class Account
  has_one :contact, class_name: 'Contact', inverse_of: :ac
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This doesn't address my problem. I want to refer to the Account field as account instead of ac, hence the need for the alias feature. – Harish Shetty Feb 4 '13 at 8:19
You want to address by and contact.account at once? Explain, please. – Denis Kreshikhin Feb 4 '13 at 8:31
Mongoid library provides a feature for aliasing field names. This is quite useful when you are dealing with large sized collections. Essentially, if you look at the first scenario in my question, I store name as nm in the collection but access/query it as name. This feature works for regular fields and embedded associations. For referenced association there is no documented way to set this option. – Harish Shetty Feb 4 '13 at 9:07

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