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In .NET 4.5, the Windows Identity Foundation classes from the namespace Microsoft.IdentityModel are now a part of the framework, and are found in System.IdentityModel. In this transition and upgrade, was the ability to support multiple types of client credentials (i.e. username/password or client certificate) on a single endpoint added? I have read in several places that this feature was on the table for inclusion at some point, but I have not found any way to enable this functionality.

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Well - that's the official description:

"Multiple Authentication Support Support has been added to support multiple authentication modes, as supported by IIS, on a single WCF endpoint when using the HTTP transport and transport security. IIS allows you to enable multiple authentication modes on a virtual directory, this feature allows a single WCF endpoint to support the multiple authentication modes enabled for the virtual directory where the WCF service is hosted."


Note that it say "HTTP transport and transport security" - so I guess you need to configure the auth methods at the IIS level and choose "InheritFromHost" on the binding in WCF config.

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