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In that code above I want to transform a Date by the TimeZone of Server (GMT-02:00) to TimeZone from my Device (GMT-03:00). But I Always have the same Date of the server. What I doing wrong?

TimeZone timeZoneServer = TimeZone.getTimeZone(timeZoneServerString); Long time = new Long(Long.valueOf(timeInMilis));

        Calendar calendarDateServer =   Calendar.getInstance(timeZoneServer);
        long miliServer = calendarDateServer.getTimeInMillis();

        TimeZone timeZoneMeu = TimeZone.getDefault();
        Calendar meuCalendario =  new GregorianCalendar();

        Date transformedDate = meuCalendario.getTime();

        return transformedDate; 
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What I doing wrong?

You're assuming that a Date has a time zone to start with. It doesn't. A Calendar does, but a Date is just milliseconds since the Unix epoch. It doesn't know about calendar systems or time zones. It's just a point in time.

It's not clear what you want to do with the result - but if it's a matter of formatting it for display, just use SimpleDateFormat and set the time zone on that instead.

I would also strongly recommend that you use Joda Time instead of the built-in types... it's a much more sensible API.

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Thanks Jon Skeet. I did not know the object Date of Java just ignore Time Zone. –  leonvian Feb 2 '13 at 17:23

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