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I have a soap xml that contains a bunch of variables that I need to access. Here is the XML.

`<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
      <searchPersonsResponse xmlns="">

            <name>Smith, Bob</name>

I'm trying to access the inner attribute node and pull out the Name and values into a multidimentional array like this ....


so far I have been able to access the nodes but not really get them the way I want. here is the code I have been playing around with .....

$dom_document = new DOMDocument();


$tag_els_names = $dom_document->getElementsByTagname('name');
$tag_els_values = $dom_document->getElementsByTagname('values');

$data = array();
$data2 = array();
foreach($tag_els_names as $node){
    $data[] = array($node->nodeName => $node->nodeValue);
//grabs all the <name> node values
foreach($tag_els_values as $node){

    foreach($node->childNodes as $child) {

            $data2[$i][$j] = $child->nodeValue;
                     //grabs all the value node values    


Does anyone know an easy way to do this? I think that I have been looking at this for way to long.

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Why are you parsing the SOAP XML, wouldn't you be better of using native SOAP functions? – thaJeztah Feb 1 '13 at 23:04
the soap functions do not allow for the flexibility that I needed. – user710440 Feb 5 '13 at 17:14

How about something like:

$dom_document = new DOMDocument();


$xpath = new DOMXpath($dom_document);

$attr = $xpath->evaluate("//attribute/attributes");

$names = array();
$values = array();
$i = 0;
foreach($attr as $attr_node) {
    $values[i] = array();
    foreach($xpath->evaluate("name", $attr_node) as $name){
        $names[] = $name->nodeValue;
    $foreach($xpath->evaluate("value", $attr_node) as $value){
        $values[i][] = $value->nodeValue;

This would, however, miss the <name> element that's outside of the <attributes> group. Did you mean to be including that?

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I figured this out and thought it could help someone else

    $doc = new DOMDocument();

    if ($doc->loadXML($temp)) {
        $attributes = $doc->getElementsByTagName('attributes');

        foreach($attributes as $attribute) {
            if($attribute->childNodes->length) {
                    foreach($attribute->childNodes as $i) {
                        if($i->nodeName=="values" && $previous_nodeValue== "status"){

                            foreach($i->childNodes as $j){


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