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I'm getting very high MySQL CPU utilization on my VPS server (about 80% CPU usage constantly, even without any queries.)

If I disable InnoDB, using the following lines in my.cnf,

default-storage-engine = myisam

I get 0% CPU utilization, which leads me to think that there is some problem with the InnoDB implementation that causes high CPU usage.

Is there any way to debug this? (Showing the process list in mysql doesn't give me any relevant information at all.)

MySQL version: 5.5.29

(I'm also using nginx)

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The problem may stem from the fact that InnoDB's default settings are still of a single-threaded nature. Now that you are using MySQL 5.5, you can configure InnoDB to access multiple CPUs/cores.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, please read my posts from the DBA StackExchange:

Please read through, and I hope it helps.

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