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I'm attempting to read a file's datemodified value, but I've been unable to do so. I'm continually receiving "Inappropriate I/O control operation" errors. This is a windows directory structure that I'm attempting read. I've attempted to pass through the full file-path along with the file name ($outputFilePath."/".$files) to the stat() function ($! returns nothing in this case, program simply dies), as well as using a file-handle (below) with no results. Any help is appreciated.

opendir(my $dirHandle, $outputFilePath) or die "Cannot opendir $outputFilePath: $!";
my $files;
my $modTime; 
#print getcwd();
while($files = readdir($dirHandle)){
  if($files ne '.' && $files ne '..'){
    open(my $fileHandle, $files) or die "Cannot open $files: $!";
    $modTime = (stat($fileHandle))[9] or die "Cannot stat file $files: $!";
    print $files."-".$modTime."\n";
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Perhaps the following, which uses the fileglob operator to get the list of files in a directory, will assist you:

use strict;
use warnings;
use File::stat;

my $outputFilePath = 'C:\Moodle\server\php';
chdir $outputFilePath;

print "$_-" . stat($_)->mtime . "\n" for <*>;

Partial output:


The last line:

print "$_-" . stat($_)->mtime . "\n" for <*>;
        ^       ^         ^              ^^
        |       |         |              ||
        |       |         |              |+ - All files ( use <*.txt> to get only text files )
        |       |         |              + - glob angle-bracket operator generates list of file names in dir
        |       |         + - Get modification time
        |       + - Stat on file
        + - File name

Hope this helps!

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This method worked beautifully (I used a "while(glob("*.txt"))" statement to loop through the files). Thanks so much! Any thoughts as to why the other syntax was not working? Just curious - always looking to be a better coder. –  user2030881 Feb 4 '13 at 15:56
@user2030881 - You're most welcome! Try $modTime = (stat($files))[9] or die "Cannot stat file $files: $!";, i.e., stating the file name instead of the handle--no need to open the file. Worked just fine when that's done. –  Kenosis Feb 4 '13 at 19:15

readdir produces the list of filenames within the directory it is reading, i.e., without any path information.

So you'll need to open "$outputFilePath/$files" instead of $files.

Note that stat works on filenames as well as (or even better than) filehandles. So you could just call stat on the filename and save yourself the trouble of opening and closing a filehandle.

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Thanks for the comment. I did mention in my submission that I attempted to use the full path in my stat call, and the program would still die ($! returns nothing rather than "inappropriate I/O control operation"). Any other ideas? –  user2030881 Feb 4 '13 at 15:04

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