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I host a leaflet map and want to link to certain marker on that map from an a-element outside the map. I want the marker to behave like it was clicked, when the link is clicked.

Clicking on

<a href="#" onclick="WHATGOESHERE?">My Link</a>

should activate my marker

L.marker([52.121935,11.627137], {icon: photomarker}).addTo(map)
.bindPopup("<b>This is a marker</b>")  ;

How can I achieve that? I got a hint, that it can be done with


but I dont get it. Where should I put that? I am pretty new to javascript...

You can see the whole map here: http://bit.ly/VtFXFN

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save reference

var t = L.marker([52.121935,11.627137], {icon: photomarker}).addTo(map)
.bindPopup("<b>This is a marker</b>");

in a

<a href="#" onclick="t.fire('click')">My Link</a>
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Thanks a lot! That solved the problem. –  user125852 Feb 2 '13 at 9:17

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