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I'm trying to send a specific packet size (100 bytes) with scapy but cant seem to get it.

I'm using this to start.


Looking at the docs / help I cant tell if I can use PacketLenField to specify the length of the packet. I can do it with NMAP & NSE but would like to do it outside of NMAP.

Any ideas on this one?


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You can just add on the required number of bytes as a String when crafting the packet e.g.:

pkt = Ether() / IP() / TCP() / payload

will work. You just need to adjust the length of the payload as you require.

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You may use inet.Padding() from scapy library:

packet = IP(dst="")/TCP(dport=443)

if len(packet)<100"
    #"\x00" is a single zero byte
    myString = "\x00"*(100 - len(packet))
    packet = packet/inet.Padding(myString)
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