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i need help with this one. I have my function working well with ajax, but i need a ok / cancel delete confirmation box before i send ajax request in order to remove item from database. This is my code:

delete_article = function(article_id){
           url: "<?php echo base_url()?>admin/article/delete_article",
           data: "article_id="+article_id,
           asynchronous: true,
           cashe: false,
           beforeSend: function(){

          success: function(){


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var answer = confirm ("Are you sure you want to delete from the database?");
if (answer)
     // your ajax code

If you want more control over these kinds of modal dialog prompts with JQuery (buttons that say something other than OK/cancel, more than two buttons, or different styles), you can use JQuery UI Modal Confirmation.

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You got to be kidding me. Why are we writing the same answer at the same time. I give up. You get the reputation. ;-) – bikeshedder Feb 2 '13 at 1:12
thanks @Plynx, working fine :) – Miki Feb 2 '13 at 1:21

The simplest way is to use the builtin javascript method confirm:

if (confirm("Really send?")) {
    // Do it!

Since those native browser dialogs have a very ugly history and can not be styled at all they are often avoided in favour of other methods. A great examples is the Dialog widget of JQuery UI

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