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We need to display currency amounts in a browser table and since those are numbers, they should be right aligned. Problem is with currencies like Japan which do not have floating point currencies. So for them, we cannot show 5.10 Yen

Now, the requirement is to show something like this: (Note the alignment and the mixing of decimal currencies with non-decimal)


In the above, 5 and 9 are Japanese Yens while others are USD So the requirement is to replace floating points with spaces for currencies like JPY. Spaces are required to have proper alignment of the currencies. Offcourse, for other currencies, the 2 decimal places should be there.

Does anyone know how the above can be done?

Thanks a lot in advance!!

Based on the below replies:

1) The values are sent from a Java server and fed into a JavaScript library SlickGrid 2) We want to control values at the server level because the SlickGrid code is not very amenable for this kind of work. 3) Currencies are being stored as floats because customer wants to see them that way :( and that's kind of correct because mostly people are bothered about dollars not cents, but then, some people are concerned about cents too.

I was really hoping of some option with DecimalFormat only as that would have been the best solution. Else I would have to resort to the ugly solution of parsing and string massaging.

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I don't have the Javascript skills to offer a proper answer but would splitting all numbers into integer and decimal parts, printing the integer parts right aligned in one column and the decimal parts (unless disabled) left aligned in another do? Or do you e.g. need copy and paste to work properly? –  Tommy Feb 2 '13 at 1:07
Is the target font monospaced or proportional? –  Jimzie Feb 2 '13 at 1:21
Why do you have different currencies in the same column? –  trideceth12 Feb 2 '13 at 4:41
Different currencies are in same column because our application provides user to manage his multi-currency accounts and so they need to see all transactions in one page. –  newbie_in_web Feb 2 '13 at 6:33

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Currency should never be stored as a floating point number. It should always be integer amounts of the lowest denomination you are working with (Yen, Cents, Paise).

If you need to work with amounts smaller than the lowest natural denomination, store currency as integer amounts representing multiples of a specified fraction. For example 6 tenths of a Yen.

As for the formatting, there is a discussion of simple options here.

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