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This is a followup to an earlier post.

Here is my data from the database

category_id subcategory_id  item_id item_name
Drinks  Beer    5   Miller Lite
Drinks  Beer    6   Yuengling
Drinks  Beer    7   Bud Select
Drinks  Wine    8   White Zin
Food    Sandwiches  9   Hamburger

Individual tables as JSON

[{"id": 1,"category_name": "Drinks","active": 1,"site_id": 1}, {"id": 2,"category_name": "Food","active": 1,"site_id": 1}]

[{"id": 1,"sub_category_name": "Beer","active": "","site_id": 1,"category_id": 1}, {"id": 2,"sub_category_name": "Wine","active": "","site_id": 1,"category_id": 1}, {"id": 3,"sub_category_name": "Sandwiches","active": "","site_id": 1,"category_id": 2}]

[{"id": 5,"item_name": "Miller Lite","item_max_qty": 4,"active": "","site_id": 1,"sub_category_id": 1}, {"id": 6,"item_name": "Yuengling","item_max_qty": 4,"active": "","site_id": 1,"sub_category_id": 1}, {"id": 7,"item_name": "Bud Select","item_max_qty": 4,"active": "","site_id": 1,"sub_category_id": 1}, {"id": 8,"item_name": "White Zin","item_max_qty": 4,"active": "\0","site_id": 1,"sub_category_id": 2}, {"id": 9,"item_name": "Hamburger","item_max_qty": 4,"active": "\0","site_id": 1,"sub_category_id": 3}]

my code is shown here as you can see I run the select and am expecting for the code to cycle through my above result set and convert everything to a JSON when all is said and done.

$sql = "SELECT categories.category_name AS category_id, sub_categories.sub_category_name AS subcategory_id, items.id AS item_id, items.item_name
    FROM categories
    LEFT JOIN sub_categories ON (categories.id = sub_categories.category_id)
    LEFT JOIN items ON (sub_categories.id = items.sub_category_id)
    WHERE categories.site_id = 1
    ORDER BY category_id,subcategory_id";

$result1 = mysqli_query ($dbc, $sql) or trigger_error("Query: $sql\n<br />MySQL Error: " . mysqli_error($dbc));

if($result1 === FALSE)
echo(mysqli_error()); // TODO: better error handling
} else

$tempCategoryArray = array();
$tempSubCategoryArray = array();

$categoriesArray = array("categories" => array());
$category = "";
$sub_category = "";

while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result1)) 


    // If we have a new category, let's start anew

    if($row['category_id'] != $category) 

            // Add the temporary array to the main one
                    array_push ($categoriesArray['categories'], $tempCategoryArray);


                //$tempCategoryArray = array();
                unset($tempCategoryArray );
                $tempCategoryArray['category_id'] = $row['category_id'];

                $tempCategoryArray['subcategories'] = array();
                $category = $row['category_id'];
    // Same here, if a new sub, let's start fresh

    if($row['subcategory_id'] != $sub_category) 
            // Add it to the tempCategory
            $tempSubCategoryArray['subcategory_id'][] = $row['subcategory_id'];
                    array_push   ($tempCategoryArray['subcategories'],       $tempSubCategoryArray);

                //$tempSubCategoryArray = array();
            //  $tempSubCategoryArray['subcategory_id'][] =     $row['subcategory_id'];

            $tempSubCategoryArray['items'] = array();

                $sub_category= $row['subcategory_id'];

    // Finally, no need for temporary arrays with items, since they have no sub-    array
    array_push($tempSubCategoryArray['items'],array('item_name'=>     $row['item_name'], 'item_id'=> $row['item_id'], 'item_qty'=> 0));



$categoryJson = json_encode($categoriesArray);

echo $categoryJson;

However It does not complete all rows.

{"categories":[{"category_id":"Drinks","subcategories":[{"subcategory_id":["Beer"]},{"items":[{"item_name":"Miller Lite","item_id":"5","item_qty":0},{"item_name":"Yuengling","item_id":"6","item_qty":0},{"item_name":"Bud Select","item_id":"7","item_qty":0}],"subcategory_id":["Wine"]}]}]}

what am I doing wrong?

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you are using array_push before you assign anything to the array.. Please edit your post with more info about the DB. For instance what is 'categories.site_id'? –  edwardmp Feb 2 '13 at 3:06
Please use header("Content-type: application/json"); before you echo json. Browsers don't have a clue it's json otherwise. –  Popnoodles Feb 2 '13 at 3:08
I've edited above to describe all of the data. –  ddpishere Feb 2 '13 at 4:02
edited to latest version and result set. Still having some issues. –  ddpishere Feb 2 '13 at 17:31

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