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I am using the following code from the Adobe ActionScript guide (Programming ActionScript 3.0 for Flex):

package { 
  import flash.display.Sprite; 

  public class EmbeddedSoundExample extends Sprite { 
    public var soundClass:Class; 

    public function EmbeddedSoundExample()  { 
      var smallSound:Sound = new soundClass() as Sound;; 

The resulting swf refuses to play, tested on two different machines with two different operating systems (one WinXP desktop, one Zenwalk laptop).

Does anyone have a better example of embedding mp3s using Flex SDK (i.e. not FlashBuilder or CSx).


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Your syntax looks correct. You might try it with some other mp3 files. You might have issues with some mp3 files because of the way they are encoded. With some formats, embedding the mp3 even fails and the code cannot be compiled. – Sunil D. Feb 2 '13 at 7:45

As it turns out, mxmlc wasn't embedding my assets until I invoked it with the following switch:


After that, the resulting swfs were fine.

I hope this helps someone else using flex SDK / mxmlc.

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