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I'm looking for an easy way to pull commit history for a single Subversion user and visualize that user's "overall contribution" over the lifetime of a given repository. It might be easy enough to scan commit logs manually for a few weeks or months worth of commits, but when it gets up into years worth of data (thousands upon thousands of commits), I want a machine to do some heavy lifting for me by aggregating as much data as possible.

Some examples of things I might want to find out about a SVN user:

  • List of most-frequently-edited files
  • List of most-frequently-typed "words" (methods, identifiers, lines of code)
  • Pie chart of most-frequently-edited file types
  • List of "big commits" or "significant commits"
  • "Word cloud" aggregation of commit message words and phrases
  • Etc... I can't even imagine all of the interesting possibilities!

Of course, it would be convenient to drill-down into any of these aggregated chunks to see a filtered list of commits. These lists would be significantly easier to browse and read in context. Anyone know of a tool or script (anything, really) that would support this work on a user-by-user basis?


Thanks @lazy-badger for pointing me to StatSVN. This looks like a decent start:


I have also used FishEye, which does some basic user stats (see "Charts and Reports" and "People"):


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For Subversion you can start from StatSVN

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I can't find anything better, and like you said - StatSVN is a start. At least it's something! –  wxactly Feb 4 '13 at 18:49

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