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I am beginner in Rails & MVC development, and need help with the below:

I am doing the example in

In "5.12 Updating Posts", we are asked to add the following to our config/routes.rb:

patch "posts/:id" => "posts#update"

If I do that, and run rake routes, I am getting the below error:

undefined method `patch' for #<ActionDispatch::Routing::Mapper:0x390f078>

I get the same error when I go to - http://localhost:3000/posts/1

This is the line in edit.html.erb :

<%= form_for :post, url: { action: :update, id: }, method: :patch do |f| %>

I have Rails 3.2.1.


I am doing this in Windows 7. I installed Rails via Browsers - Chrome, Firefox

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patch is only available in Rails master branch.

Among other things, you need to point to the git repo in your Gemfile to use edge rails on an already-existing project.

gem 'rails', :git => 'git://'

For now you should just use PUT instead of PATCH. Even when 4.0 comes out, PUT isn't going anywhere.

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fwiw, I backported the HTTP PATCH verb work for Rails 3.2

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