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I have two projects in Asp.Net MVC 3. My 1st project(p1) is having a Controllers and Action Views. I have to filter this in my 2nd(p2) project using Aciton FilterProviders in mvc.

And also I need the class which can Filter My action. I had Implemented up to this. But now my need that I need the specific response to the project p1 from p2. So that according this response i have to display views.

So my dependence becomes like

p2->p1 ( p2 Uses Action Filter from p1) p1->p2 ( p1 uses response from p2)

How can i resolve this? Please advice me.

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Can you provide your classes implementation cone from both projects (simplified). –  Hamlet Hakobyan Feb 2 '13 at 6:03
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in a strict layer architecture the layer at low level can only get services from higher layers in your case if p1 uses p2 then p2 has to use p3 or some other service layer which is above it ...


see also

How to break apart layers in a strict-layered architecture and promote modularity without causing unnecessary redundancy?


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