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I have 2 date pickers txtbookin and txtcompleted

And I have one more textbox named txtnoofdays which will accept only integers

My Requirement:

If I key-in any integers in txtnoofdays textbox, ontextchanged event I want to add txtnoofdays to txtbookin and display corresponding Date in txtcomplete..I am writing as below.. but its adding to month instead of date..my system date format dd/MM/yyyy...

 var dt1 =Convert.ToDateTime(txtbookindate.Text);
        var dt2 = Convert.ToDateTime(txtcompleted.Text);
        var dt3 = dt1.AddDays(Convert.ToDouble(txtnoofdays.Text));
        txtcompleted.Text = dt3.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy");
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What programming language is this? Please add a tag. – Celada Feb 2 '13 at 15:52
What is the value of "txtnoofdays.Text" in your case. If its more than number of days in a particular month it will increase the value of month instead. – Kundan Singh Chouhan Feb 3 '13 at 8:13

Use the overloaded method of Convert.ToDateTime(string, IFormatProvider) to get dates converted correctly to your locale settings...

CultureInfo culture = new CultureInfo("es-ES");     
var dt = Convert.ToDateTime(txt.Text, culture);

Do it for both datetimes texts...

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