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I wish to run a loop inside a batch process, such as a stopwatch or timer that quits the loop and the batch process continues as soon any key is pressed. No break or Cntl-C. There is no batch function for this and it must run in Win64 environment. It seems a simple task to write a short assembly prog.exe but I can't find one that can check the keyboard buffer quickly and return a simpele answer in dos errorlevel without pausing the 'stopwatch' and defeating the purpose.

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I wrote that "short assembly prog.exe" auxiliary program, I called it GetKey.exe and you may download it from this site: Advanced Batch features via auxiliary .exe programs, look for the program number 3. For example:

   rem Do anything you want here...
   GetKey /N
if %errorlevel% == 0 goto loop
echo The key pressed have this code: %errorlevel%

My program is so fast that I even wrote a basic version of Snake animated game in Batch! It is in the same site, below program 6- CursorPos.exe


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