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Is there a way to get a list of User Stories that have been moved In or Out in a sprint?

The only way I can identify it at present is by querying Revisions. I can't figure out a method to get the UserStory ObjectID or FormattedID as I can't traverse the Objects or do queries upon RevisionHistory.

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You might be interested in this Rally App:

Iteration Scope Change

Which builds the information by parsing Revision Histories.

Note that the Beta Lookback API provides a much more robust way to query this type of state change / time series data, however there's not an analogous app built using Lookback (yet) :)

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If you hit the new Lookback API (unreleased when Mark first answered, now in open preview), the snapshots returned include a field _PreviousValues which will include the list of fields that were changes for a particular "snapshot". So, you could query for "_PreviousValues.Iteration": {$exists: true} to find any snapshots where the Iteration field changed. By including clauses for the current value, you could narrow your query down to just items that were removed.

You can find information on the LBAPI here. There is support for querying it in the App SDK 2.0's SnapshotStore. Note that SDK 2.0p6 (releasing soon) has some improvements.

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