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While trying to make a new project in NetBeans 7.2.1 I've noticed that in the "New Project" dialog, after I select a category (Java, Java FX, Java Web, etc), the project types only show up as icons, the text becoming visible only after I click an icon. Any idea of what could have caused this behavior?

I could post an image but I'm a new user and don't have enough points for that yet.

Here's a link, though:

Later edit: I've noticed this in other dialogs, too.

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I just deactivated some of my plugins including Dark Nimbus Theme, and

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Thanks for your answer, in my case the theme did not seem to have anything to do with the behavior. – 0ana Jun 25 '13 at 16:06
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It seems the graphical card driver had some problems, and have figured this out after strange behaviors appeared in other applications, too. After re-installing the driver everything went smoothly.

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