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I have to access variable defined in directive and access it in the controller using angularjs directive :

app.directive('htmlData', function ($compile) {

    return {
        link: function($scope, element, attrs) {
                $(element).on('click', function() {
                    $scope.html = $compile(element)($scope).html();

                return $scope.html;


and use $scope.html in controller.

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Since you are not creating an isolate scope (or a new scope) in your directive, the directive and the controller associated with the HTML where the directive is used are both using/sharing the same scope. $scope in the linking function and the $scope injected into the controller are the same. If you add a property to the scope in your linking function, the controller will be able to see it, and vice versa.

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As you set the variable in the $scope, all you got to do is to bind to it normally. In your case, osmehting like:

<div html-data>{{html}}</div>

Maybe you're not seeing the update because it lacks a $scope.$apply().

Anyway, let me say that I see two problems on you code. First of, you could use ng-click directive to attach click events to your HTML.

Secondly, why would you recompile your HTML every time? There is almost no need for that. You may have a big problem, because after first compilation, your template is going to be lost, so recompiling will render it useless.

If you need to get the element, you can inject $element.

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